Keno: Androids for a better accessibility while playing abroad

The android online platform especially, gives you access to everything lotteries and casinos offer, and even more, with bonuses and other incentives that attract players from all around the world. You can now play Keno from anywhere you are, be it at home or abroad, with relative ease. 

Keno—Android Game Platform

Numerous online casinos now have their gaming platforms online, and games like keno can be accessed and played from your android device. This is advantageous especially to players abroad, who cannot make it to the casino or lottery stores. Now, you can simply log on through your android, and enjoy all the services offered by physical casinos, and even more. Some advantages of playing online from your android include;

  • Frequent bonuses offered as online incentives to attract and encourage players.
  • The risks are more flexible than playing on a slot machine. It allows players to choose their level of risk, therefore you can decide not to bet on 10 numbers in the game.
  • The game is slower-paced and allows you to take your time and think about how much you want to wager. Slots, on the other hand, are so fast-paced that you can make hundreds of wagers per hour.
  • It allows you to play from anywhere. Especially those abroad who cannot access a casino.

The rules of the game of Keno have not changed. Players decide how much to wager (it could be any price range depending on the casino), and bet on different spots (it is usually a maximum of 10 spots, 1 - 10). Numbers are then randomly chosen by the system from a range of 1 - 80. Your earnings depend on how the amount of match your wager has with the randomly selected numbers.

Smartphones— A Revolution of the Gambling Industry

Smartphones have revolutionized the gambling industry all around the world, bringing much-needed elements that make gambling easy and comfortable. With android phones, it is easier and more convenient to place bets no matter your location. This was one of the major hurdles of gambling, it was not accessible by all. Only people in the locale had access to casinos, which limited the number of players by a great number.

Nowadays, you can even place bets or have a view of available odds while on the move. Every information you need is at your fingertips including live offers that you can grab easily regardless of your location. Another area in which smartphones have impacted gambling is in how easy it is for players to make deposits and withdraw winnings. As a player, you can simply make deposits from your desired source (bank, credit cards, etc.), without any paperwork or stress. After deposits, the payments reflect on your account right away with no delay.

When it’s time to withdraw your earnings, the process is quite simple too. Place your order and in a day or two, you should have it in your account. All this makes gambling very convenient and saves you the stress of having to claim cash prices in the casino or lottery center. Once again, this is another high plus for players living abroad.

FAQ— Keno Android online gaming

  • Are there any good Keno strategies?

Keno is a game of chance, which means that it is almost impossible to predict accurately, the numbers that would be selected in each game. The closest you can get to predicting is by studying the game’s list of hot and cold numbers.

  • Can I play for free?

Yes, but your earnings cannot be claimed and you would forgo all payouts.

  • What is the difference between online keno and live keno?

Playing keno live means when you play in a casino. It is usually longer, and have set times for drawings to take place. Online Keno is quicker, and has lower minimum bets.

  • Are there any restrictions for playing?

Each state has its different laws and regulations for online gambling. You will have to get information about your location’s official regulations.

  • What are red and green or red and black keno games?

Some online platforms like offer red and green or red and black games for you to wager on either of the colors.


Keno games are as easy as ever to play now since the launch of mobile online platforms. Visit a legitimate site today and start playing in no time!